MAET's shareholders are operating in the spare parts market since 1955 starting in South America expanding lately all over the world thanks to the creation in
1978 of MAET Hamburg in Germany
1980-1990 : After buying a big volume of parts from a producer, they knew they had to create a productive enterprise
1992 : Fondation of MAET Torino
2016 : MAET Torino takes in charge the completely distribution of his own production
MAET's mission is to provide, for gearboxes and differentials suitable for industrial vehicles, commercial ones and autobuses, a wide range of spare parts perfectly interchangeable with the originals.
Since its beginning, MAET has dedicated care and attention to the specifications, materials and to the production 

Via del Lavoro 17
12062 Cherasco (CN)

Email: info@maet.com